Which Hunters?

Goblins, AGAIN??

Faerun, a subcontinent on Abeir-Toril.
Manywaters, a small town within The Border Kingdoms.

We find our heroes enjoying a wonderful evening at the Watered Down Blessings tavern and inn. While they are discussing their past adventures and tolerating sub-par barmaid service, they overhear the conversation of two men, an elf and a human, fiddling around with an orb that seems to exude magic. As the wild magic from the orb plays around them it suddenly traps them in an invisible box. It’s when the wall starts to close in that Quinton suddenly experiences a wave a magic course through his veins. Something he has longed for all his life. A green ephemeral hand appears in mid-air and snatches the orb away from the two men. After failed attempts to retrieve their orb, the men leave to alert the guards followed by several other patrons. Knowing magic is forbidden the party leaves Watered Down Blessings establishment in a hurry.

Crossing one of Manywaters’ large rivers, the party heads East into the woods where they run into a pack of goblins. The goblins immediately recognize Makwa and begin to attack him relentlessly. The orb sends a flurry of magic through Quinton allowing him to fire missiles of magic and bouts of flame from his fingertips. Radnar experiences the magic as well, as his goddess grants him slaying power. Josette tries to use the orb to gain magic but Quinton refuses. A bolt of hot angry magic shoots though Josette, giving her the ability to heal Makwa. Yaro feels the magic as well and uses it to have the ox trample the goblins. The ox continues running away and as the party gives chase, they notice a group of guards approaching them. Yaro attempts to access his magic once more, but when he touches it, it is wild and forces him to turn into a huge angry brown bear. The first guard takes off, while the other two hold their ground. In a flurry of teeth and claws, Yaro brings the first guard to the ground, causing the second guard to sprint away. Panting and growling still, Yaro slowly begins to regain control of his body. Josette hurries over and begins to heal the guard. When his eyes snap open he reveals to the party that everyone in town is gone.

The party rushes back to town to realize that everyone is indeed gone. There are footprints everywhere leading out of town. Several animals mill about the town as Makwa pilfers and searches through Moistly Everything tools and wares shop. Quinton and Radnar search through the Unarmed Revenant’s quarters and discover a few Seeker Stones. Yaro talks with one of the animals and discovers that most of the animals milling about the town were taken from another location.

After finding Derond, the owner of Moistly Everything, locked away in his own wares shop, the party squeezes as much information out of him as they can before heading off to the location the rabbit put in Yaro’s mind. On their way, they experience an accident with old travelers (Makwa punched an old man, it was a big misunderstanding). Turns out the two travelers were Tarin and Erik, two elves who worked on a farm a day’s march from Yaro and Josette’s farm. Yaro and Josette learn that their farm is possibly being attacked by goblins and when they arrive, they are right. After defeating the risen skeletons and running the rest of the goblins off, the party is able to put the fires out. What really amazes them though is that the damage to their farm is suddenly reversed as they realize they aren’t the only ones with magic.

Tarin also can wield magic.

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