Welcome to Which Hunters. A 5e dnd campaign.

The rules aren’t always followed here and that’s ok, because the most important part of this campaign is having fun and telling a good story. Come see Faerun 500 years after the Gods War and experience the Forgotten Realms universe in a way you’ve never experienced it before. The gods are reborn, magic is returning and their are those that want to control it at all costs.

Need to Know:

The party is on the planet Abeir-Toril. A watery planet dotted with super and subcontinents. There are many creatures that live on this planet, young and old, good and bad, powerful and mundane. The planet is also shrouded in mystery and the unexplained. Magic courses through the planets veins, making it highly coveted by more than mortal men. The party doesn’t know this, but the gods have long used the magic of Abeir-Toril for their own gain. Sometimes granting certain powers to their followers, but often times using it for themselves. It was this selfishness that instigated the God’s War. A war so great that it nearly wiped magic from the face of the planet.

But like energy, magic cannot be destroyed.

Five hundred years after the God’s War, magic has begun to make its great reappearance. Planet Abeir-Toril’s heart beats with magic once more, but will her continents and the creatures within be so accepting of her magic?

Which Hunters?

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